How Far

Driving to MN this Easter weekend, I noticed along the way at fuel stops on the Turnpike in PA,IN, & IL that not one person, employed or traveller, none said, mentioned, or even inferred it was Easter. No bunnies, nothing Biblical, nothing but a prevading sense of emptiness emanating from everyone.

I finally asked one cashier if she was allowed to say Happy Easter, her response was they’re not suppose to offend anyone. I gave a snort, shook my head & left.

In St. Cloud, at a minimart, I asked a young lady in her twenties, (I’m assuming), if she is allowed to say happy easter, she replied yes so I wished her such. She smirked, glanced around, looked down & whispered “happy easter”… I grunted, what the crap was that then laughed. She raised her voice with, ” ok HAPPY EASTER,” turned away & said how’s that.

Observing the nuances of how people act & speak can be very revealing about their character, sometimes even their spiritual condition. We read in Matthew 15:18. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
What is said comes from the heart, what isn’t said can oftentimes be just as revealing.

This age, like every age before it, has its problems. War, hunger, misery, hate, lies, wickedness galore. Today though, what happens in Bangkok is seen instantly in Seattle, information acceleration makes it seem as if our age of iniquity is more profound than ages past. When in fact it may be, but simply put, its warfare. Spiritual war shadowing warfare in our world. Although we may not preceive it the battles of the ages are still being fought for mens souls, good versus evil, right versus wrong; not in how the world veiws the fight, but Biblically, how GOD views the war.

Death was defeated with the resurrection, but battles will happen until our Christ returns to rule. Whether personal, mental, physical or what, Christians are going to have to stand & fight. In prayer, in ministry, in giving, or even if nessary physical confrontations.

We are to put on the whole armor of GOD, for all its spiritual, for others it includes the physical. Whichever it is for you, please be prepared.

God Bless.

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