Secret church reaches out during pandemic in Iran Secret church reaches out during pandemic in Iran Friends, despite the risks and their own suffering, secret Christians in Iran felt called to reach out to their community with food and sanitary items during the coronavirus pandemic. These believers who worship behind closed doors are spreading the love of Christ in their community—not in words, but in deeds. House churches inside the country are quite resilient. “They have become used to living in difficult circumstances,” explains Steve*, an Open Doors fieldworker. “So, when COVID-19 reached Iran, they were afraid that it would hit them or their loved ones, but at the same time they were undaunted. They felt it was their calling to take care of people around them—not only other believers but neighbors, colleagues or others nearby who were struggling. “First, they used their own resources but, when those ended, they reached out to our partners, who in turn contacted us. They thought that no one cared about them. But, through our partners, we showed that the worldwide church is standing beside them.” Please pray the seeds of Christ’s love that are planted grow and bear fruit. Thank God for the strong underground church in Iran that has been prepared for such a time as this. Pray for provision for secret believers to continue to minister during the pandemic. Pictured: Local Christian distributing food and relief items.

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