Christian family brutally beaten in India Friends, recently a Christian family of converts from Hinduism was brutally beaten; they escaped only by running into the forest and spending the night there.  Ever since Balraj* and his family chose to follow Jesus a few years ago, they have been threatened and pressured in their remote village in India. Balraj remembers verbatim the most common threat he has received over the past few years: “Here we perform poojas [rituals] and worship our gods and goddesses; you will not bring this foreign religion and you better give it up, or else we will kill you.”   A few days ago, as the family got ready for bed, villagers broke into their home and began attacking them with thick bamboo sticks. The villagers told Balraj and his family that they were kicking them out of the village and continued the beatings. When the family escaped into the woods, they were bleeding badly. The next morning, they found their house had been ransacked. Village elders severely warned them not to make a police report and threatened their lives if they continue to follow Christ. Please pray that Balraj and his family will heal physically, emotionally and mentally from the injuries suffered during the attack. Pray for provision for Balraj and his family. Pray for strength and protection for Indian believers. There continues to be intense persecution during the country’s strict coronavirus lockdown. Pictured: Balraj’s severely injured family entering a hospital ambulance. 

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