Renounce Christ or be disowned in Vietnam Renounce Christ or be disowned in Vietnam Friends, recently in Vietnam, new believers Giang* and his family were kicked out of their village for sharing the gospel. Giang and his wife had told his parents, relatives and some villagers about Jesus during the coronavirus lockdown, but the message was not well-received. Last week, relatives and villagers went to Giang’s house and furiously demanded Giang and his family deny Christ. They told the couple that if they did not, they would be forced to leave the village and would be disowned by their families. Giang and his wife tried to explain God’s goodness and how their lives have changed because of Christ but the villagers became hysterical and shouted at the family to leave the village immediately!   Giang, his wife and three children are now living in another village at a church member’s house. They were not allowed to take anything with them and their families have disowned them. The intention of their community is to force them to go hungry so that Giang and his family will have to return to their old village and accept whatever persecution they receive. Please join us in praying that God will continue to provide for Giang and his family. Pray God continues to use church members as a channel of blessing to Giang.  Pray Giang’s parents, relatives and the villagers will encounter God in their lives and the seeds that have been planted will bear fruit in God’s perfect timing. Pray local partners of Open Doors will have wisdom as they assess the situation of Giang’s family.  Please tap on the “Submit prayer” button to share your prayers and we will share them with these believers. *Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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