Nigeria: Miraculous outcomes in violent attack Friends, Pastor Bayo Famonure Nigeria: Miraculous outcomes in violent attack Friends, Pastor Bayo Famonure and his family were violently attacked by militant Fulani herdsman on May 5 in Nigeria. Bayo is well-known for his missionary and evangelical work throughout Africa. We thank the Lord for His miraculous protection of this family as the outcome of this attack could have been much worse. Bayo was shot in the head and feet, though the shots did not penetrate his skull or damage any bones in his feet. His wife Naomi was shot in the back, yet the bullet did not reach her spinal cord. The doctor said if the bullet had penetrated just a fraction more, Naomi would have been paralyzed. Their sons, Adua and Victor, also sustained gunshot wounds that were not very serious. In a message Bayo sent, he shared “It’s a miracle … Just praise God.” Bayo is stable and recovering with his sons. Naomi underwent successful surgery to remove the bullet from her back. She is currently in a stable condition and recovering. Please join us in thanking God for his protection, as this attack could have ended very differently.  Pray this story would serve as a powerful testimony of the Lord’s protection. Pray for a quick and full recover for Bayo, Naomi, Adua and Victor, both physically and emotionally. Pictured: Pastor Bayo Famonure

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