Christians suffer violence and hunger in Colombia Friends, Pastor Amanda Christians suffer violence and hunger in Colombia Friends, Pastor Amanda*—longtime partner of Open Doors—shares that rebel groups are now harassing and threatening to kill anyone suspected of having coronavirus in some remote areas of Colombia. Churches are all closed due to coronavirus quarantine. Rebel groups are warning pastors to stay at home, telling them if they go out to preach or carry out any pastoral work, they may be killed. Pastors are also challenged by being in an area where electricity is scarce and there is limited access to the internet, making staying connected with their congregations difficult. Many in Pastor Amanda’s church are currently not working and are struggling. “The Church is going through a tough time,” she told Open Doors. “Many people in our congregation are now feeling the negative impact of having been out of work for weeks. Those with some savings will run out of money soon, and [a] few are relying on their crops to survive.” Most churches in Colombia rely on donations made by their congregations to not only maintain church buildings but also help feed the hungry, send children to school, and in many cases, provide housing for homeless or displaced families.  Pastor Amanda says everyone in these areas are being stretched to the limit. “This situation cannot be sustained for much longer. Nowadays, it is easier to die from hunger or violence than from coronavirus.” Please join us in praying for provision for believers both physically and spiritually. Pray the church in Colombia would find creative ways to stay connected. Pray there would be an end to the violence perpetrated by rebel groups. *Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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