Christians minister to flood victims in Uzbekistan Christians minister to flood victims in Uzbekistan Friends, in early May, a dam in Uzbekistan burst, due to heavy rain and strong winds. The destruction meant more than 70,000 people needed to be evacuated from flood areas. There are several illegal churches—churches not registered with the State—and secret home churches for deaf Christians in these flooded areas.  Many people, Christians included, lost their houses, food, crops, clothing and important documents in the flooding. Christians from the neighboring towns and cities are accepting evacuees, giving them what little they may have.  One Christian man who hosted two families (12 people) in his house shared with Open Doors, “Even though we [don’t have] enough food for our children because I can’t work in quarantine, we accepted those who are in much worse position—they lost everything. I can’t give a lot, but I want to share what I have and share God’s love with them—this is what I can do for them.”  Some Christians accepted up to five families in their homes without any promise of help from the government. Unfortunately, the government does not guarantee any kind of financial support to those who have lost everything.  Please pray the rain and wind die down quickly. Pray the government of Uzbekistan gives financial compensation to flood victims. Pray that Christians find their hope in Christ and share this hope with others who have suffered losses.  Pray for provision for Christian families from neighboring areas who invite flood victims in to live with them. *Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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