Iranian prisoner shares powerful request

Friends, Iranian Christian convert and prisoner, Nasser Navard Goltapeh, recently wrote a letter requesting prayer from the notorious Evin Prison in Iran.

In his letter dated January 31, he writes, “I am confident in all hardships and I believe I will become free by Him who I have hope to (my Lord) because the Lord our God does not forget his children … so let me be bold and say, ‘The Lord is my helper.’”

Nasser and three visitors from Azerbaijan were arrested in 2016 at a private gathering in Tehran. They were held in solitary confinement for two months in Evin Prison and endured intense interrogation. After losing an appeal to his conviction of “action against national security and establishing house churches,” he began serving his 10-year sentence in January of 2018.

“Remember me in your prayers always—you know that your prayers are a sweet smelling offering to God and a sacrifice which is accepted and pleasing to him,” he writes.

He also challenges Christians to remain firm in their faith and to show concern for one another, not to give up meeting together and to work hard to spread the Gospel.

Please join us in praying with Nasser for his requests:

Please pray for his family to come to know and follow Jesus.

Pray God will bless the people of Iran and that the gospel will continue to advance, despite the many obstacles.

Pray God will encourage and strengthen Nasser and all other Christian prisoners and that they will know His continued help.

Photo: Nasser Navar Goltapeh

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