Christian woman held in dangerous Iranian prison

Friends, we have confirmed reports that the missing 21-year-old Christian activist in Iran, who was arrested four weeks ago in Iran’s capital city of Tehran, is alive. She is being held in the country’s largest—and most dangerous—women’s prison.

Article18 reports that Fatemeh (or Mary as she likes to be called) Mohammadi is in Qarchak Prison, located in a desert south of Tehran. She has been able to call home a few times to reassure her family that she is okay.

A month ago, on January 12, Mary was arrested, as protests took place in central Tehran’s Azadi Square following the Iranian government’s admission of guilt in the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane.

The young woman is seen as a threat and has already been imprisoned more than once. She boldly speaks out about injustice and the rights of Christians, including the cruel treatment she received in prison. She writes on a variety of social issues and has also run a campaign petitioning for all Christians, including converts, to be given the right to worship in a church.

Please pray for her safety and quick release from prison.

Pray God will comfort and strengthen her and continue to give her boldness.

Pray God will continue to raise up devoted men and women like Mary to lead His church in Iran.

If you would like to read more about Mary’s story, please click here.

Photo: Fatemeh (Mary) Mohammadi, copyright Article18

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