Buddhist converts in China face daily persecution


Friends, Open Doors workers recently visited some ethnic minority believers in China—ranked 23 on the 2020 World Watch List—who are from Buddhist backgrounds. Their house church was recently shut down by local authorities. The believers were told to stay away by authorities but decided to keep meeting together, despite the very real possibility of arrest.

Attendance at the church meetings is down because of threats by local officials. Tithes and offerings are down too. As a result, the pastor and his wife have to make ends meet by picking mushrooms.

The believers are dealing with more than just the local government. The local culture is primarily Buddhist, so Christians are not welcome, especially Christians who have converted from Buddhism. A few women in the church are victims of domestic violence—punishment from family members because the women choose to follow Jesus. Our workers report that, in spite of all of this, believers remain joyful!

Please pray Buddhist-background believers in this village and other places in China are strengthened in their faith as they experience persecution.

Pray believers choose to continue meeting together despite the personal risk.

Pray for provision for church leaders’ daily needs.

Pray Open Doors workers are able to continue visiting communities in order to meet believers and encourage them with teaching, in worship and times of personal prayer.

Photo: The baptism of a convert from Buddhism.

The 2020 World Watch List has been released! Click here to learn more.

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