Christian activist denied education in Iran

Friends, a young Iranian Christian convert has been kicked out of her Tehran university without explanation. Fatemeh Mohammadi (21), who prefers to be called Mary, converted to Christianity from Islam as a teenager. She served six months in prison at the age of 19 for being a member of a house church in Iran and is now a Christian activist.

Last month, according to Article 18, Mary tweeted that she had been kicked out of Azad University the night before exams and had not been told why. The day before being kicked out of school, Mary tweeted about the cases of ten Christian converts currently serving prison sentences in Iran because of their nonviolent practice of their religious beliefs.

Iran is ranked #9 on the 2020 World Watch List.

Please pray Mary continues to have courage and boldness to speak up on behalf of all Christians in Iran.

Pray she is able to pursue her education.

Pray all Christians in Iran would be allowed to attend church and practice their religious beliefs.

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