Believers Caught Smuggling Christian Books in Kazakhstan

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Open Doors recently received an update on a group of Christians who were stopped and then arrested in the Kazakh Airport in Kazakhstan for smuggling Christian literature. The group—which consisted of believers from Russia, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries—had about 30 Christian books in their possession. Most of the group are believers who have converted from Islam.

Kazakh police have released several of the Christians who are Russian citizens, but others are still in the police station. The books that were confiscated were sent for review to a special group. If this group determines the literature is Christian, police could pursue a criminal case against the Christians in custody. If the group doesn’t find the books to be Christian contraband, the believers would pay the fine for smuggling literature.

Our brothers and sisters in Central Asia are asking we join them in praying.

Please pray that the rest of the group would be released.

Pray the believers would find favor with the group reviewing the literature.

Pray that there would be no criminal case and no jail sentence for our Kazakh brothers.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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