UPDATE: Susanna Koh Asks for Prayer

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Susanna Koh, wife of abducted Malaysian pastor—Raymond Koh, has informed Open Doors that the Suhakam Inquiry will release its findings on the abduction on April 3rd. The findings of the inquiry will include recommendations to the Malaysian Government on next steps for the case.

According to Susanna, the new Malaysian Government has not reached out to the family to provide any updates on the case thus far.

Susanna sent us the following prayer requests:

Please continue to pray and advocate that the Malaysian Government be involved in solving the abduction case.

Please pray that whatever recommendations the Suhakam Inquiry makes will be taken seriously and acted upon quickly and expediently. Continue to pray for wisdom to know how to move forward from here.

Pray God gives Susanna Koh and her family strength and grace to continue the fight for truth and justice.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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