Six Christians Killed by Militants in the DRC

Sadly, Open Doors has learned that militants from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) recently killed six Christians in Kalua—a predominately Christian village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to our sources in-country, the attackers pretended to be security agents when they arrived in the village. The militia then fired indiscriminately at villagers and killed three women and a 9-year-old child.

A nurse working at a hospital in the nearby city of Beni reported to Open Doors that the attackers then proceeded some 500 meters towards the house of the head of the village. When they shot and killed the guard dogs, it sent people fleeing. Tragically, two people trying to escape were also killed.

A local community leader in Kalau who asked for anonymity because he fears for his safety, told Open Doors, “We have heard the rebels saying they worked for long in the domains of kidnapping and killings, but now they want to move to the stage of occupying the territory. They want to occupy the area that they claim as theirs.”

According to Pastor Gilbert Kambale, who runs a civil society organization in Beni, an estimated 470 families fled to Beni following the incident. Most sought refuge with various host families and in schools.

Please pray the Lord comforts those who have lost loved ones in the attack.

Pray the Lord will intervene in the situation in this part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pray the Christian community is able to support one another and also be salt and light to the surrounding communities in this time of grief and uncertainty.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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