Signs Persecution is Worsening in North Korea

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As President Trump and Kim Jong-un meet in Vietnam for a second round of denuclearization talks, North Koreans continue to suffer human rights abuses and food shortages. However, North Korea’s human rights record, including religious persecution, is not part of the agenda.

For the 18th straight year North Korea is ranked #1 on the World Watch List.

Tragically, there are many signs that persecution of Christians in North Korea is getting worse. Local sources report to Open Doors there has been an increased number of arrests and abductions of South Korean and Chinese Korean Christians and missionaries in China, strengthened border control with harsher punishment for North Korean citizens who are repatriated from China, and increased efforts by the North Korean government to eliminate all channels for spreading the Christian faith.

Pray that Christians in North Korea would find hope and comfort in Jesus. Pray they would have opportunities to share this hope with others around them.

Pray God would soften the heart of Kim Jong-un as He did Pharaoh’s.

Pray for the work Open Doors does to support North Korean believers.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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