Second Pastor Murdered in Colombia in a Week

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Pastor Tomas Francisco Estrada * was murdered recently in a rural area in the Colombian Pacific. He was the second pastor murdered in this region in one week.

With 11 years of ministerial work, Pastor Estrada was highly recognized by the entire community as a pastor dedicated to the service of his congregation. He was an active social leader who spearheaded efforts related to justice and restoration of rights.

Pastor Estrada was the father of two small children. His wife, Luisa Montes*, had a nervous breakdown at the news of her husband’s murder. She has not recovered. He also leaves a congregation of approximately 80 people who lament his untimely and violent death.

Thankfully, there are many pastors and religious leaders who also serve as social leaders in Colombia. They stand up to the threats of criminal groups and are advocates for the restoration of Christians’ rights. These leaders are increasingly coming under attack.

Please pray for restored health and comfort for Luisa Montes and her children as well as financial support for them.

Pray for peace, comfort and courage for the pastoral community of the Colombian Pacific.

Pray for the protection of pastors and Christian leaders in the areas most affected by violence in Colombia.

Pray for economic and pastoral support for families affected by the murders and attacks against religious leaders.

Pray for courage for pastors threatened for preaching the Gospel of Christ and fighting for justice.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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