Iranian Officials Interrogate 65-year Old Christian Woman

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Open Doors is saddened to report that Iranian authorities continue to arrest Christians, including a 65-year old woman who was held in detention and interrogated day and night for ten days.

A few days before Christmas, security officials raided Ruhsari Kamberi’s home in Karaj while she and four other female Christian converts were present, reports Middle East Concern (MEC). The officers also confiscated belongings such as mobile phones, Bibles and Christian literature.

Ruhsari was eventually released on bail of 30 million Toman—approximately $7,000. However, earlier this month, she was still charged with “acting against national security” and was told to receive “instruction” by a religious leader and consider a return to Islam.

It is still not known where the other four women were taken.

Friends of Ruhsari have been shocked by the disrespectful treatment of an elderly woman and report that the experience upset her greatly.

Please pray God will help all Christians who are arrested and interrogated in Iran to stand firm in their faith.

Pray God will bring His peace, comfort and encouragement to Ruhsari and the other women arrested with her.

Pray God will also bring His comfort to Ruhsari’s husband and children and the relatives of the other women.

Pray the people responsible for the mistreatment of the women and the violations of their rights will repent of their actions and find Christ.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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