Rejoicing in Acquittals While Facing Challenges in Algeria

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Friends, Christians in Algeria ask for prayer for five Christians recently acquitted of proselytizing and blasphemy charges. While our Algerian brothers and sisters rejoice in these acquittals, they note that these brothers still face many challenges not uncommon for North African Christian believers from Muslim backgrounds.

For example, in one case that includes four men who left Islam to follow Jesus, the prosecutor has appealed the acquittal verdict and has requested another hearing for January 20.

Another Christian brother from Algeria’s Ain-Delfa province was forced to take his family and flee his farm after his wife’s family discovered his conversion from Islam. They family found him and persuaded his wife to accuse him of insulting Islam and file for divorce. Under Islamic law, the divorce was granted, and his wife was granted custody of their daughters.

Pray that the four Christians’ acquittals will not be overturned on appeal and that they would know the Lord’s peace, wisdom and guidance in the face of ongoing challenges.

Pray with our brother from Ain-Defla—that God would give him special strength to face the separation from his family and to find another job soon.

Pray there would be just laws and greater societal tolerance towards Christians in Algeria.

And pray that those responsible for the intimidation of Christians would know the conviction of the Holy Spirit and ultimately, forgiveness and new life in Jesus.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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