Christians in East India Flee Home Village in Fear

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Friends, please pray for Christian believers in East India as around 13 families were recently forced to leave their villages. A local partner of Open Doors shares, “The Hindu extremists … are polluting the minds of the villagers and instilling hatred against the Christians. This results in such expulsion of Christians.”

Recently in East India a woman was allegedly burned alive because of her faith. Following the murder, the villagers began to protest and threaten Christians demanding they leave the village. The Christians were frightened and fled. They are now living on the outskirts of the village in their fields. Their pastor reports, “It is very cold, and they do not have proper clothing and food.“

Even under such distressing circumstances, these families still go to a nearby village to attend a prayer meeting. Unfortunately, however, the people from their home village have followed them there and continue to threaten them.

Please pray the believers in East India would find strength in the power of His might.

Pray the believers would have proper shelter, clothing and food.

Pray the believers will have courage and cling to Jesus in these difficult circumstances.

*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

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