Killing Fields

War is mentioned throughout the the Bible, primarily in the Old Testament. Our GOD is not only a GOD of love, He is also a GOD of war. One who makes the war gods of myth miniscule in an honest comparison.

In the end our Savior wars against those evil armies of the world who come against Israel, the person known to us as antichrist leading those wicked armies.

Many books and opinions have been written across the centuries concerning those last days of the age of man. Different views of the man of evil, various scenarios of battles, origins and names of the evil of those days. Recently people are leaning toward an Islamic antichrist, I’m not going to deny they’re accuracy, I’ll wait for the Lord to reveal who it is. Some pre-tribbers think believers will be wisked away in a mysterious rapture and not see any judgement. I think we’ll be around although being wisked away does have its draw, I just think its a little escapist like.

In the battles our Lord fights during the last days, its going to be a bit lopsided, the infinite Creator vs the finite creation. One side isn’t going to stand a chance and its going to be a literal bloodbath. A killing field, one loving Creator wiping away millions of evil wicked men who rejected His love and who chose to follow another false god.

If interested here is a link I’ve found very well researched, so instead of pecking away on my phone here is the link…


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