Post Election Wannabe Commentary

With the election results in and The Donald heading toward the White House the US is set to experience a time unprecedented in its short history.

His choices todate for cabinet positions should clearly show the direction he intends on taking this country.

We have so-called hawks who want to fight terrorism abroad and at the same time want increased surviellance powers against American citizens.

It was the republicrats who brought us the patriot act 1 &2, it was the the same group who brought us indefinite detention with Obama’s NDAA. They brought forth the conceptualisation of enhanced interrogation or “torture”, putting it into practice and fine tuning the policestate in America.

Now Christians, who have been marginalized for since the 80’s are giving this president elect their unwavering support. To me, that is the most frightening aspect of the incoming administration, their willingness to toss forth the idea that torture is good. 

Do Christians really think they are immune to the policestate or its surrogates? If so it would seem as if sanity just jumped off the cliff.

Christians are never immune to persecution, in fact they were the most persecuted group in the last century. To give unwavering support to one who advances the idea of torture, to me, is a grave mistake.

Do I think Trump is better than Hillary? By leaps and bounds, but the scenario is being setup for a nosedive into the dung heap of the neoconservative worldview.

A view of a Pax Americana without repentance or turnimg from sin. Wickedness may be manifested in politics, but that same evil originates in the heart of a person.

So unless there is true national repentance, no amount of Trumpery is going to change a thing.