While We Slumber

While we slumber as if in a drug induced stupor, the world careens toward a global conflict that threatens to engulf the world.

While the US administration seems adamant on keeping the unthinking masses focused on ascinine issues such as who uses what restroom, or vacations, or on the elections; countries are positioning their military assets in preparation for the coming conflict.

Economic collapse & WW3

South China Sea & WW3

WW3 by May 2017

Could this trigger WW3?

All across the spectrum there is story after story of countries prepping for war. From Asia across the Middle East to Europe. Both North & South America are also included.

The Liar and Chief of the US recently that we are living in one of the most peaceful times in history. Again lying to the people to keep their minds in a complete stupor.

There may be blurbs about nations moving assets but nothing on the level it should be. Instead its gender identy… complete stupidity on the part of the media and our leaders.
Europes invasion by Muslims is only one aspect on an ongoing campaign of destabilisation of independent states.
The global oligarchs seem intent on creating as much chaos as they can, whether utilizing Islamic extremists or pushing the limits with military intrigue those in power are hellbent on war.

The obvious question is why?

The old saying ” follow the money honey ” is very applicable to this situation if it is examined with an open and inquiring mind.
From the collapse of ’01 & ’08 until today the world has been in the longest recession/depression in recent history.
All economic data being fed to the public is so medicated you would think the reports come out of big pharma instead of economic think tanks.
From unemployment to goods & services, commodities to trade, over 90% of the data is corrupted and convoluted to maintain the appearance of normalcy.
With the artificial bubbles created by Central Bankers nearing their limits and populations across the world growing weary of their antics and/or outright corruption the Planners and their sycophants in goverments need something extreme to draw the attention away from them and war is their greatest asset.

So as the world careens toward conflict those in power continue to plan and scheme while the people slumber.

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