A man thing?

I read today on Drudge about a retailer providing womens lingere designed for men.
I thought to myself, another success for the pansexualists. Gender confusion seems to be a running theme in our age of mindless activities.
I don’t guess the simple biological terms Geno or Pheno are applicable to humanity anymore.

Another sign of our new enlightenment into human sexuality.

Those who hold a pure and sincere belief in the Sacred Scriptures, those Words which define so much, you would think that they, the faithful, would reject these absurd and intellectually redundant notions of unrestrained vice and promiscuity.
But alas, the mainstream western Christian community remains silent and in some cases embrace the wickedness.

To those false shepherds who are leading their flocks away from the truth, may the Lord judge you according to your sin.

So is it a man thing?
No, its a SIN thing.

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