Where do we stand?

I don’t think anyone with the sense God gave a goose could argue that there isn’t a moral collapse in America and within western civilisation as a whole.

Across borders, cultures, and languages; western societies are succumbing to an entirely relativistic and secular mindset.

After nearly two generations of secularization by forced government indoctrination through educational institutions, their plans are nearing completion.

This can be seen in the acceleration of the sexual perversions of the Pansexualism now prevelant within and across divergent western societies.

Also in the stripping away of the foundational Biblical morals, standards, and ethics which have for so long been a bedrock upon which western civilisation rests.

When the foundation of a house is shattered it isn’t long before the building itself will collapse.
Western civilisation is nearing that point where the building is going to collapse.
The when, only God knows. I just pray people know their Savior, Jesus, because without a relationship with Him, no amount of preparation is going to be enough.

Fearmongering and fear baiters will always have a market in the minds of men because of human nature and sin.
It’s written that perfect love casts out fear, that love is the love of Christ within the believer, expressed in our daily life shown toward others.
We are told not to fear nor fret, yet we are never told to be stupid or ignorant about the world in which we live.
We are told to be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.
We are told that a prudent man will see the storm coming and prepare accordingly.

Dear reader, the storm is coming, in some places it’s already raging.
That storm is not only the collapse of western civilisation but also the fall and collapse of Christianity.

Across continents people of both Christian and Jewish faiths are being persecuted and killed. Hundreds of millions of believers are subjected to harm, ridicule, being ostracized and separated from their families and communities.
Converts are being raped or killed. They are losing everything as well as their lives, all for the sake of their faith in a living Savior.
In western societies Christians are being drug through the courts, fined, and jailed for their faith.
People of faith, in nearly every country, being pushed to the periphery of society. Ridiculed, humiliated, and ostracized, these faithful strive to continue living their lives for the One who suffered for them.

Those reprobate leaders of the western christendom cry for compromise. Turning the gospel of Christ into nothing more than toilet paper to be flushed.
Those reprobates push the same Pansexualism the world has come to embrace while denying the Holiness of a righteous loving Creator.
Judgment is coming, it is already near, banging at the door ready to engulf a corrupted and wicked people.

So the question is, where do you stand?

Do you stand, as a believer, prepared for the storm or do you continue on as a fool denying the Grace, wisdom, and knowledge the Lord is giving you to prepare?

Living in denial of the inevitable isn’t going to stop the storm from striking your comfort zone.
Thinking you do not need to prepare flies in the face of Scripture.
Thinking it will not happen is denying historical facts and evidence.
Saying that some people are predestined to suffer yet you may not be goes against the words of our Savior.

Again, so where do you stand?

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