It would seem Netanyahu is making a plea for European Jews to emigrate to Israel because of the growing anti-jewish fervor growing across Europe.
Those of the Jewish faith have suffered not only discrimination in so-called Christian lands, but at times outright persecution which culminated during the holocaust.
True Christianity doesn’t persecute other faiths, they persuade, generally through conversation and/or good works based on a pure love and caring for their fellow man, but never conversion by force.
Those who persecute others through forced or coerced conversion or outright hatred of others, all in the name of Christ, are not Christians.
They are liars and thieves.

The dispora is going to be nudged and poked by GOD to return home to Israel. He tried to convince them through peaceful means but now it looks as if a more direct approach is being used.
So is the Lord responsible for the deaths? Not directly, although the hedge of protection is being stripped away because as the Father has said before, they can be a stiffnecked people. Sometimes a parent has to let the children experience hardship so they can learn.
The Kaiser of Germany once said the Jews would never leave Germany because they had it good there.
GOD had different plans it seemed.
Their good times soon enough turned into a nightmare. I think personally, their hedge of protection was taken away and human nature was allowed to take its course.
That being wickedness and evil.

In our day the Divine is again telling the Jewish people its time to come home. Yet millions have become complacent in their own sense of security.
So having stripped away their hedge of physical protection I’m leaning toward the next big event which is going to be financial.
GOD is going to make a kabosh out of their sense of financial security while continuing to nudge them home toward Israel.
Billions of $ are going to be lost, economic activity will cease and they will see little Israel busting at the seams with growth and potential.
With both of these protections gone millions of the dispora will seek the safety of their birthright.

Those millions who remain in their host countries  will suffer because two groups will be blamed for the financial collapse, Jews and Christians (not those watered down pewwarmers but the faithful).
Those Christians who have sold their soul to the state will be among those who are supporting the persecutions. Just as they did in Nazi Germany.

So Benjamin is doing the right
thing in calling his people home.

Only time will tell if the dispora will heed that call before its to late.

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