America was once the beautiful

Over the past couple of months, through the holidays, and into the New Year, I have sat and watched the news, listened to talk radio, and more often perused the multitude of alternative news websites.
I’ve spoken with some about my concerns with the state of this nation the Lord has blessed me with living in. Discussions about the economy and politics, but mostly about one subject which leaves the majority with that atypical “what?”.. expression.

With hours of prayer and more prayer, living off of the little wisdom our Creator has graced me with, asking for discernment, I think the Spirit has graced me with enough foresight to say it’s time for Christians to leave the United States of America.
The animus against believers has shown it is not going to abate anytime soon.
The wheat and the chaffe are being separated for the persecutions that will begin soon enough.
Globally Christians are the most persecuted religious group. In the United States true belivers are ridiculed and moved into the nebulous blob called “extremists”.
The falling away of the faithful has reached epidemic proportions. The Church in America has become a pawn of the state, due primarily to the 501C3.
The cold hearted churches will not call wickedness sin because the fear losing their tax exemption. Those dead churches no longer have the Spirit of GOD, instead they have become white washed tombs full of dead mens bones.

The truth about the detention camps stretching across America is well known to those willing to do  their own research.
It has been reported in the deepnet that unbeknown to the mindless public, that thousands of homeless have been apprehended in the dark of night and incarcerated in these camps.
This has been reported to have been going on for a number of years now. Some may think this is a good thing when in reality these people are reportedly killed and cremated.
Some may think this is not possible but those people are wrong. Simply google a news story of 10,000 chinese disappear in one night, this happened about five to eight years ago. A woman stood before Congress stating these facts.
You may not want to believe the story, myself, I believe it is very possible.

As the persecutions rise globally and the preplanned economic collapse draws the nations into war some may be asking where to go.
That dear reader is something the Spirit needs to give you the wisdom to know. Each persons needs are different, health concerns may keep some possibilities off limits. Being healthy may open numerous other doors.
Two primary requiremements though should at least be isolated, non-strategic areas. In these two types of environments you stand less of a chance of encountering regular military or policing authorities.

Surviving is the key, flourishing while in a survival scenario is an individuals choice based on their faith, their decisions, and their preparations and understanding of the times in which we live.

Our Savior said once, “Do not be surprised if the world hates you, because it hated Me first.”

Dear reader, persecution is coming, whether you desire it to or not. The United States is going to be judged for our individual and national collective sins, regardless of what you may think or feel.
Sin and wickedness cannot be psychologicalized away, GOD’s righteousness is what defines our judgments and HIS love and mercy will determine the severity of those judgments.

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