We need to be careful

As Christians we are held to a higher standard than the rest of this sinful world.
That is because our life is suppose to reflect our faith and belief in a risen savior.
All to often the opposite happens, we allow ourselves to be guided and directed by this old world.
We wink, smirk, and laugh at sin and wrongdoing instead of standing against it.
Those once who could be considered faithful are now standing among the unfaithful.

The scripture warns that our enemies will be those of our own household, family and friends.

Brethren, we need to be careful in whom we trust un this old world; of course our trust is in Jesus, but in this world we trust other humans. In business, with finances, with spiritual matters, in most things we trust someone.
Here we need to take caution by the hand, because when persecution arrives at our doorstep there may well be few hands there to grasp for care.
Give your trust sparingly and always with caution in the coming days.

GOD Bless.

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