A Prayer

Lord I would like to take
a moment to thank you and I would like to bless your name my Lord. To thank you for you lovingkindness and forgiveness, for your salvation and for your grace.

My GOD, as I start another chapter in my life I ask for your wisdom and that Your Spirit will guide my decisions.
Please help me to know what Your will is and which path it is you want me to take.

Your Spirit Father, convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and of judgment. Help me to see all of these aspects in my life Lord. Please bless me with the insight to know my sins and allow me the strength to stand against the evils of this old world and its wicked god.
Please forgive me when I stumble because of my weakness and let me see your hand when You offer it to help me stand.

Bless you Father, bless Your Son who gave His life for me my GOD.
Bless the Lord all the earth, bless the Lord all of the beasts of this world, bless the Lord all the skies and clouds, all seas and waters, bless the name of our God.
Bless your name.

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