Believe in the Lord

We are told in the Psalms and throughout scripture to believe in our GOD.
We are told not to fret about events around us and in our lives. Our Savior gives to us a peace that passes all the understanding of the old world.
With this peace we know that whatever happens in our lives our GOD will guide our paths. It may not always be clear to us but trusting in our Lord should give us comfort.
With our land sitting under the judgment of our Lord it will soon be harder for us to look toward our Savior, mostly because we will be asking why? Every thing around us is soon going to change and we need to know this and prepare for it.
If you do not have a relationship with Jesus I would recommend that you look into the idea of salvation.
Its written that how can we escape if we reject so great a salvatiob? I will tell you now that you wont.

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